Affordable Retaining Walls Stirling

Stirling is one of the most beautiful places in the Adelaide Hills, it’s also one of the most Hilly. Therefore if you want a flat surface carved out for a home, a subdivision, a shed, then you may need a retaining wall.

We work in the Adelaide Hills, mainly in Stirling, and work with landscapers, developers and homeowners simply looking for the best looking, most cost effective solution.

We provide a more personal touch and can come to you, usually on fairly short notice, and have a discussion about your vision. Often we can assist with simple suggestions that could improve the project or save a bit of money.

We also have access to a number of concrete sleeper styles, not just the plain concrete ones, but patterned, architectural designs that transform an ugly retaining wall into a beautiful courtyard feature wall.

For any retaining wall needs in Stirling and the surrounding Hills areas, get in touch with Affordable Retaining Walls Stirling, call us